Friday, May 13, 2011

A Random Good Day

The weather has been the keeper of my spirit lately. I wish it were not true, but it is. It has been dreary, rainy, windy and cold. All that at a time that it should be spring! I am one of those people who won't go out in less than pleasant weather if I don't have to.

The other day though, I had to go out! I was going to take a re stock of some of my greeting cards to a gift shop that carries my cards. They are Mach Artworks, downtown. You can check them out here, it is a really nice gift shop that carries many locally made items. The prices are really, really good if you are looking for that something special gift!

It was nice to finally re fresh some old stock! Then, I went to my friends shop to pick up some new make up she ordered for me. This is always a spirit lifter for us ladies! It is great Mary Kay make up, so if you need a consultant let me know! Off I went to my next stop, and here is where my day started to get even better. I have another gift shop on Corydon that carries my cards as well, and this place you must check out! It is call Boutique Unique, and you can see the web page here. Again, this is another shop that carries many items locally made, or made by Brenda, the owner herself.

I have been needing some new wine glasses and found a great pair at Boutique Unique. The glasses are just average, but I love the bead work that Brenda did on them.

I also found a great new pair of earrings, which I can't wait to wear! Actually, I already wore them once, but I can't wait to wear them with a cute summer outfit. Haley tried to take a picture of me wearing them, but the picture does not do them justice. They make a great noise in my ear when I wear them too! I love that!

Anyway.....I left Brenda's store quite happy! I had two new treasures and some money to buy myself something! Can some of you guess what I bought??

Before I left, she told me about this gift shop that was going out of business and I should check it out. It just so happened to be near my house and so I did. Well, my day just got better. I found a pair of martini glasses, so I scooped those babies up! I am nearly 40 years old and I have never had a set of martini glasses. Come to think of it, I only had one really fun night of trying martini's (I then became known as the Martini Queen by my friends big brother!). Boy was I glad my friends parents were there to make Haley breakfast in the morning.

So my next great find was a tea based cocktail infusion that I thought I would try!

I am saving it for summer but I will let you all know how it goes! I got some other goodies like a mango sauce for chicken and chocolate covered macadamia nuts. I love finding those things.

So it was a pretty great day, that came so randomly, and I love when that happens. The perfect end to my day came when I had a nice glass of wine in my new wine glasses!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I've never heard of a tea-infused cocktail! That sounds delicious. :)

    -Helen from Bettencourt Chase

  2. I hope you found that other piece to your earring from Saturday :(