Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

The sun is hot, the breeze is blowing gentle and warm, the nights are cool and a chill comes through the bedroom window at night! My favorite time of year. The spring is in full bloom, just on the cusp of summer. Yes there is an official start date to summer, but this is the fine line in between. This is the +22 degrees that I love. Not too hot, not too cool, just perfect! Warm enough to work up a sweat when doing yard work, hot enough to make you stick to your chair if you are reading in it for prolonged periods of time, but not a stifling heat that causes you to not be able to breath!

This picture of Duke just reminds me of a perfect summer morning!

It is the end of my craft fairs for the time being. I will slowly get a few projects under way, organizing my crafts into journals, recipe books, new projects and Christmas. Bit by bit, my basement craft area will be my escape, my release from stress, my creative outlet. All the while, I will be moving right along into home school preparation mode.

Preparing to home school Haley this summer will be a much larger task than ever before. In grades 1-4, I got away (but just barely in the last year) with taking her to funky places that were new to us to do her school work. We would go to our downtown exchange district, new bakeries, malls we have never been to, coffee shops that were new to us, and parks that had a nice comfy picnic table to work at. All of these places in themselves were a treat, because they were new to us. So Haley would do some work and then we would have the special lunch I brought along, or a snack we would buy from our new found place.

Last summer, I thought because we were spending so much time camping, we would do so much of our work there. That did not work. Haley missed her friends and it made us wonder how much longer we would even get away with camping anymore. Of course her friends are always welcome, but she just needs to find a friend that loves the water as much as she does, doesn't care if it's morning, afternoon or night, loves the thrill of messing up her bed with toys and making it her own. I have no doubt she will find that friend one day, it's just taking longer than she would like and longer than I dreamed possible. I know it is hard to be without a best friend.

This years plan needs to be a bit more structured, a little less often but more productive, and with rewards that will make her feel like it is all worth it! So how will I do it and what will those rewards be?

I guess I better get started on collecting the school curriculum and co ordinate it with what I have and make one great big binder of educational excellence FUN! The rewards will not be a problem, I already have it planned out for the most part! I have bags of wonderful items from her favorite store, with charms and purses and jewellery and earrings. I will get a few magazines and Slurpee gift cards and some special from Mom and Dave coupons!

Have you ever home schooled? Got any ideas or suggestions you can share? Please share, I am always looking for new ideas!

This time of year always makes me feel like one chapter ends and another begins.......Oh the journey!


  1. Tannis, you really are the world's best mom! ( other than MY mom, of course)! Haley is very lucky to have you, I hope she knows that!

  2. Thanks Michelle, I do think she knows how lucky she is, I just hope she doesnt forget when she's a teenager!!