Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am curious to know people, do you journal? Do you write down words in a favorite notebook you have, or a journal that you picked up with a pretty cover, one made out of funky paper, an inspirational quote?

I am curious to know! I wholeheartedly believe in the power of writing down your feelings, your thoughts, your goals and your memories. I know it is not for everyone, I get that. I know people who can go on and on about the benefits of running, of eating fish 3 times a week, tanning beds. It doesn’t mean that it’s for me, but I find what they have to say interesting none the less. We all have, hopefully, something we partake in, that helps us feel better, heals our pain, and acts as our therapy.

For me, a few things do that: gardening, working with paper, and writing. I have kept most of my journals, and I can say I honestly wish I kept them all. There was the occasional one that got burned, ripped up, or something equally dramatic. I was a teenager, so I am not expected to even understand myself why I did that right! Every couple of years, and sometimes more frequently, I will take a whole day, and go through my old journals. I did this before I made my decision to get divorced, and yes, it seems to be something I do when I am about to make a big life decision. It amazes me how I can write the same complaints in my journal, sometimes for years, without ever doing anything to change that particular complaint into a better outcome. I think the reason is this; when we have a frustration, a hurt, a challenge, we can tell ourselves anything we want to hear. We can say it over and over and over in our head, to justify, convincing ourselves, to feel better. And the circle goes on and on, never ending. However, when you write it down, the truth, absolute truth, without worry of spelling errors, worry of someone else to judge, something happens; we are honest with ourselves. We are so honest that it can be frightening, it can be inspirational, and it can be exactly what we need to see the truth! Right there in front of us.

If you have never written in a journal, I would love to be your encouragement to give it a try. Don`t let it replace anything you do, but let it be something that you give yourself. Let your journal, be a voice clear of judgement, full of truth, and the friend that you need when maybe you feel alone. Try it. Hide it if you have to; keep it with you all the time, just like your phone!

I have another reason for being moved to write about journals today. I received an e mail, from a woman I know, someone who is becoming a friend. She buys custom journals from me for her company, and puts together some wonderful gift packages. This is the e mail she sent to me....

I just wanted to let you know that one of your journals made a bunch of women happy, the givers, the receiver and also the people that witnessed.

A lady lost her husband a few months ago. Now she has been diagnosed with cancer. Your journal was given as part of a “Cheer” package. My customer LOVED the package I put together for her and I know that everyone that sees the package will love it also. I can imagine the lady carrying the journal with her during all her hospital visits. Because it is so beautiful and she will feel the need to be close to something pretty.

Thanks for what you do!!

It made me happy to get that e mail, proud that someone loved something I made, appreciation that someone took the time to let me know.

I know that one day, when I am writing my own book, I will pull out those journals for some creative inspiration, and for the memories I have chosen to forget, or the ones that are a little fuzzy and require a little bit of focus.

So, I journal, but do tell, what is it that you do that helps you to cope and be sane in a world that at times can rip the rug from under your feet.


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