Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful Spring Days

I just love, love, love, unexpected beautiful spring days!

When I woke up this morning, I quickly recognized that half the week is nearly over, and I have not been feeling my regular self. I was happy it was an earlier yoga day and the sun was going to be shining! I was happy and delighted that this would be a day of sunshine with a multitude of things to do, yet nothing that needed to be done! Well okay, I did get an order for 24 cards to be done that day, but I knew I could fit it in if the inspiration came to me!

So it was a beautiful day with yoga, and gardening....

Some worm catching....

I don't know why she always has to wear my stuff, but she does!

And of course, with my girl, the water and the balloons always come out. I swear, give the girl a bucket of water, or a hose, or even a few cups of water, and girlfriend could keep herself busy for a long, long time!

The weeds were pulled, half of the garden turned, dinner started, as Dave would say, "the prettiest skewers I ever made!" No picture though. I did get some pictures of the animals on this lovely day....

Later though, Harvey would sneak out the front door, make a mad dash across the street, veer towards the traffic half a block away, get scared shit less, and run back home to hide under the Adirondack chair. He would then be dragged out by his tail, mud stuck to his paws, and thrown in the house. He is now grounded. Bad Harvey!

And now, I will end my afternoon, my favorite way, listening to the girls laughing, having a glass of wine and reading a book.

Oh thank heaven for lovely spring days! Enjoy yours!

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