Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring .... it has arrived

The first calendar day of spring has come and gone, but it truly has not felt too much like spring. And then we had today! It was a beautiful, full on sunshine day! The warmth of the sun was so powerful today!

We spent nearly the whole day in our pyjamas, crafting and playing with the cats! After lunch we checked the temperature and it was +8. There was nothing to do but take the dog for a walk. And so we did. I took the dog, Haley took my camera. I looked at her, with her rubber boots, her hoodie, hair bouncing with her walk, and my camera hanging around her neck. She was a vision to me. She looked so grown up, a mini professional photographer in training! Her view of the spring day with the camera was this.....
Haley's boots from her perspective


Me in the back yard.

There were plenty of puddles, lots of families walking and riding their bikes! The sun shone through the tree branches, stretching it's rays to reach deep within to help those buds turn to baby buds.....

We walked for an hour, which I tell you was not very comfortable in my new red rubber boots. But it was dry. I love when you walk in a puddle that is really big, or you stand in it just to see the ripples of water, your feet feel like they are getting wet. Then you wait a moment and you realize, no, it's just that the water is that cold!

I love to watch the ripples in the water after Haley has walked through a puddle!

Spring always makes me think of high school spring fever, my first love, late nights in the back yard, driving with all the windows down! Most of all, I love spring for the possibilities of new growth......

Shedding the unwanted and enjoying the blossoms of the new! As nature takes it's course on the outside, we learn, every spring, we learn to blossom again!

Happy Spring everyone, take some time to really enjoy!


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