Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming Home

Coming home.These are two words that can mean so much. I am sure we have said those words, or at least felt them many times in our lives. I know I have. Coming many different meanings in just two words.

Perhaps you have said them after being away on a long trip, a vacation, travels of adventure, but it is always nice to be back at home. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

Maybe at one time you moved away from all that was familiar to you, to a new city. When your time there was done, there was always a home to come back to with friends and family.

When you are in the arms of that one special love, you feel as though you are home, where you were meant to be. Where you belong.

If I close my eyes, I can picture a soldier, relieved to be away from the dirt, the dust, the horrible noise. This soldier who whispers, a barely audible " I'm coming home" escaping from his lips.

My husband has been away on a business trip for a week. My daughter was so excited that he was leaving for a while, because to her it meant one on one, uninterrupted mommy time!  A girls night every night, party time!

 I let her sleep in my bed when it is just the two of us, so we had many nights of snuggles, cuddles and long talks. We got to eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, watched whatever we liked on t.v. Actually, I got control of the t.v and that was nice!

Spaghetti is our favorite, and Dave's least favorite meal!
  We went out for coffee, took our computers and looked at each other over our laptop and net book while snacking on a cookie.

At Starbucks having a girls night!

We took the dog for a walk everyday, slept in every morning, played for what seemed like endless moments with the cats. We were as loud as we wanted to be!

We also laughed a lot less, had a lot less "crazy time", felt a void that could only be filled by Dave. When I asked her what she liked the least about Dave being gone, she said that he made her laugh allot and she missed that. She also said she missed scratching his head. You have to be here in this house on a daily basis to actually know what that means. She has this thing she does to him when she walks up to him and scratches his head so vigorously, and he makes these faces and for them it is just plain old fun. She has always done that to him. I don't get it and I am glad she doesn't do it to me, but I wouldn't give up the burst of fun it provides them both.

So today, Dave is coming home, and although I have been here this whole time, I still feel the whole "coming home" feeling. I hope Dave does too. See you soon Davie Boy!


  1. Hi Tannis! <--- awesome name.

    I'm in your blog club, so I came over to follow and check you out!

    I totally dig girl time. Good since I have three daughters. Super cute pics!!!! You guys look like you had fun.

  2. Thanks Jen! Glad to be a part of the blog club! I now follow your blog!