Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Warmth

I have been absent from my blog, while trying to be present in my life.

Summer was busy! I did my third year in the local Transcona Farmers Market, and Haley helped a lot with that. She was in charge of making and selling her cupcakes, treating it as a part time job. She loved it because she got to keep all of the profits! She was a huge help in other ways as well, with the loading and unloading of the vehicle, set up and selling. She’s pretty darn cute so when she would tell people that she made the cupcakes, how could they resist. I am so thankful to everyone who supported us and came week after week to purchase our goodies or buy my handcrafted items. In the end, it proved to also be a good learning for Haley, getting a bit better at counting and managing her money. I hope to instil in her, that entrepreneurial drive!

So what else have we been up to?

I was emotionally invested in a 10 week writing course that blew my mind in so many ways. I found a voice that I didn’t know I had, and I look forward to practicing putting that voice into action! Truthfully, I was too busy to be fully and faithfully engaged, but just like everything else; it will sit with me every day, resonate and stir within me, and flourish in good time. I am in the process of developing a blog with just my writing, and designing it is proving to be a challenge. All in good time right?

We swam so much! We fell in love with the slowing down that peacefully and instinctively came with our time at Beauty Bay! We spent hours on the beach, on the floating dock, paddle boarding, we even tried yoga on the paddle board, ever so briefly in the rough waters that came with that particular weekend!

We had lazy days of reading and writing, snuggling with the pets, we indulged in too much good food and good drinks! But it was all so wonderful.
We spent time with friends, met up with ones we haven’t seen for years, got to know other even deeper; in doing so, discovering ourselves in a new light.
My mind is filled with enough beautiful images to keep me dreaming well into spring!
School has begun, and I look forward to settling into our old routine and hopefully adding something new to it. I can feel in my anxiety ridden mind, the intensity that comes with bearing down and getting prepared for my fall artisan shows, the challenges of Haley in grade 8, and writing that needs to happen! I hope to embrace it all, and have only very few moments of doubt and near breakdown days. I hope my yoga continues to bring me that inner calm I often have to channel throughout the day!

Here is some more of my summer in pictures!

Paddle Board yoga!
Beautiful Writing Spaces

Amazing lake sunsets

Awesome beach days, and so much swimming!
Summer was amazing in every way possible. I hope fall has the same possibilities!
Thank you for stopping by!

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