Monday, October 1, 2012


My friend and I just returned from a trip to Chicago, Illinois. It was a bit of a last minute decision, coming on the heels of a Prince Concert announcement! My friend Tamara was the only one crazy enough and able to come with me. I have to say, in the beginning, my only interest in going to Chicago was to attend the concert, but in the end, Chicago was a welcome indulgence.


Chicago sure is a striking city in parts. I love the architecture of Chicago! It is remarkable to see such a collection of skyscrapers, neo classical, art deco, and so many other styles of architecture pooled together amongst landmarks and monuments. One of my favorites was the Tribune Tower, a neo Gothic building. I loved the way it looked at night when it was lit up; I love how ornate it is!

Perhaps what I love most about the Tribune Tower, is that embedded in the lower levels of the building, are rocks and bricks from a variety of historically important sites throughout the world, such as the Taj Mahal, The Alamo, The Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall.
It could be, that I loved the little tea store that sat beside it and the lovely patio to sit at on a perfectly warm night. I could imagine myself sitting there for hours writing and just watching the people going by.
I also loved the shoreline of Chicago. We walked the water edge from Navy Pier all the way to Buckingham Palace. It was beautiful!
In fact, Chicago downtown, is beautiful at night!

I had many favorite moments and our days and nights were full! It was enjoyable. It’s always a wonderful feeling to get away and travel, even take day trips to rejuvenate your mind and soul. My feet were not feeling all that happy, but my mind was! The architecture tours were great for feeding my mind, the concert was a great source of nourishment for my soul, and the people watching and interactions will at some point be a source of reflection for me upon writing.
Coming home for me is always the same. A feeling of something missing comes over me. In the midst of living life and small adventure; I draw from within, a desire to be still, inward thinking and write. Words roll out like a long vibrant red carpet for me when I enjoy my surroundings and experiences abound. A rather large fault I have, is not taking the time to pull out a pen and book and let the words surge.  The fullness of the day, the consideration of others, always prevails. Moments, I take moments, and they are great. Today I am taking a day, just to write, ruminate and put pen to paper!
I thank my friend for joining me on this quick little adventure, and I thank Chicago for the warm welcome. I thank Prince and the NPG for a night I will not soon forget.


Until the next little adventure, thank you for stopping by!




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