Sunday, September 16, 2012

The S-Word: Parenting Through Puberty

Do you remember...growing pains of the heart? Do you remember the questions you had that kept you up at night, dreaming of that boy, contemplating all of the things you wanted to be when you grew up? Oh if only we could go back to those days and re write our stories!

My daughter is twelve, and I know that the matters of the heart will be keeping her up at night very soon. For now though, it is all about growing up! I insisted that she could not wear make up until she was 16. That was until the day I found my school pictures, age twelve, with a full on face of make up! Now I let her wear just a tiny bit, in a light color. Just enough for her to feel like she is wearing it, without it being too noticeable to others. She is too beautiful to need it. I know, I was told the same thing at her age, but didn't believe it!

Unlike me at her age, she wants to grow up. She wants to get her period, to have a teenagers room, she wants to go to a big high school.

Please take a few minutes, and go tho this link, and read my story, published on the Momoir Project blog The S-Word: Parenting Through Puberty.

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