Monday, February 6, 2012

I Spy ...

Sometimes, in the morning before I set off to do something creative, or write a blog post, I start with making myself a cappuccino. Today my cappuccino was delightful!

I found a wonderful group that I visit on the computer every day in the morning, and I get my writing prompt for the day. Sometimes I write something down on my profile page of this group, sometimes I write something in my notebook. Today I am writing it here and sharing. The writing prompt is I Spy.

I Spy

On a cold desolate morning,

Looking out the window

I see in the movement of the trees

It is windy.

I hear in the fierce whipping of my wind chime

That it is windy.

The clouds rush across the sky in a hurry and

This tells me that it is windy.

I can see a speckle of sunshine, dancing on my paper

I look outside the window

And I see the sun

Right there, poking out between the clouds and the tree branches

As the trees sway back and forth, to and fro

I spy

Outside my window

A glimmer of hope.

Happy Monday, have a wonderful week everyone!


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