Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Power of Music

I came across a video on my Facebook the other day. I tell you, this is what I love about Facebook, it is a remarkable way to connect with people we know, are getting to know, wish we could know. It is an amazing way to share information, inspire ourselves and others. I know that many people say negative things about Facebook, and yes, there are some unconstructive aspects. I just ignore, block, unsubscribe to the bothersome parts, and then set my security settings the way I want to!

But here it is, this little gem of a video that I saw posted on Facebook, and I want to share it with you, if you have not already seen it. The star of the video is a wonderful elderly man, who lights up, comes alive, and brilliancy comes to his eyes. All because his ears are carrying a tune to his heart!

This is what music can do.

This is what the wonderful written word can carry out, lyrics, a story, one’s dream put into words, used as a transportation tool to the heart and the soul!

Here, you will see what lovely truly means. Enjoy, and please share.

Did you like it? Did it move you? Did it make that dark, hard spot in your heart a little softer? Did you smile? I smiled; it inspired me to write this post and share.

It also made me appreciate those artists that I admire, those who inspire me to write the best that I can, those that help me feel it is feasible to make your dreams come true, those that make me get up and dance in the middle of working because I am sometimes just moved to do so! I love that this man, who doesn’t usually recognize his family, and barely speaks, can suddenly name his favorite music. He can lift his head high, name his favorite musician Cab Calloway, and sing a song!

Wow, music is powerful!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day!


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