Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January, is that really you?

Today, Haley and I went for a walk. I admit, it is not something I would normally do on a January afternoon. I like snow, but when it comes to the cold, I am a suck! The cold makes me want to wrap my arms around myself, put on fluffy socks, crawl under a thick duvet cover. If I had a fireplace, I would lite the fire, and sit in front of it, entranced by the flames until they turned into embers. I hate the cold, it makes me, well, cold!

I also hate to wear a hat or a hood, or anything of the kind on my head. If it is too cold to go out with a bare head, I don't do it. I didn't as a kid either. I always took of my toque and shoved it in my bag. As a teenager, I just never wore one. I know this will come back to bite me with my own daughter, I know! Today though, oh it was beautiful, January temperatures at a wonderful + 3 degrees, and I needed the walk to clear my head. What always helps, is the sun was shining. I love the sun. The sun shines down and the snow is filled with tiny flecks of diamonds, which totally grab my attention and behold, a wonderful moment is captured.

 We walked and we walked, until we found a park near the frozen river.  We spotted the swings and just wanted to have a quick little ride. We had the dog with us, so he was wrapped around a pole, and we were swinging! It is one of our favorite things to do. Being on the swing mesmerizes me, and if there is a beautiful view, all the better. I did not bring my camera today. I don't know why, I usually do. I suppose I didn't think we would see anything much or take the time to pause for a photo opportunity. I should never do this, because I know there is always a photo opportunity.

Instead, I took the time to swing, to talk to my girl, to be present and I was able to clear my mind. I started to think about how nice it would be to live somewhere beautiful, to always be surrounded by beauty. How amazing would it be to look out your window at home and see water, or a forest, or a field of flowers? How wonderful would it be, to know that no matter where you walked, someone would stop to say hello, that every breath you took, you could smell fresh, crisp, clean air? How brilliant it would be if there were white lights, twinkling in the dark outside, hanging lightly from the trees and bordering houses, candelight flickering inside.

I was thinking today of all of the fine fall days we had this year, and the fact that I missed so many of them, from working in my craft room, getting ready for my shows. The weather is going to be nice for the next few days, a gift we are being given, since Winnipeg is never this mild in January. I plan to take full advantage of them, and go for some walks. Just me, the girl and the dog! It won't be as beautiful as a warm, breezy, colorful fall day, but it will be nice. I hope that you will take some time to enjoy the wonderful weather as it comes!

Happy New Year!



  1. Tannis,
    I so often do the same thing, missing out on the moments because I am busy doing "work." Then I regret missing out. AND I can totally relate on the photo thing -- sometimes the sweet moments are meant to be remembered only in our hearts. I'm getting better at tucking the camera away and savoring the moment. :)

    Enjoy this mild winter weather. BUT how is it possible to live in Winnipeg without a fireplace? I have two and I live in North Carolina!

    1. Hi Karen! I have no idea how I missed your comment, so long ago! Normally I would reply so my apologies for ignoring you!

      I don't know how I don't have a fireplace! But we have a fire pit in our back yard! Perhaps its just not the thing to do in Winnipeg, building houses with fire places! One day though!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog!