Monday, November 28, 2011

What a pleasant surprise in my inbox today!

I knew this day was coming, I was given the date, so I should not have been surprised....

In the morning, after Haley goes to school, I spend an hour on my computer, going through my e mails, my facebook, catching up on the blogs that I follow. This morning, one of the blogs I read, the Momoir Project, was in my in box. I knew right away by the tittle that it was my story! How exciting! I have had my blog posts on other blogs, but somehow this was different. Perhaps because I was asked, instead of ME doing the asking.

Some of you know that I am taking a writing course. There were many courses, both locally in a class room setting and online, that I could have chosen from. I chose this one, because for a year I had followed the blog, as I created my own blog. I had other reasons as well. I knew that I truly enjoyed every story I read on the blog, and having read them always challenged me to be a better writer myself. I knew that if I could write like some of these women do, then perhaps I could one day go somewhere with my writing, perhaps one day I will have something published. My other reason was Cori Howard. She is a writer, an editor, has been published herself. She is a mother and she is Canadian. I knew that she was a good choice, and that if I wanted anyone judging my writing, I wanted it to be her, and not a teacher in a classroom setting.

I have alot to say, but I don't often say it. I prefer to write it. It is who I am, has always been who I am. I write better than I speak, and I am okay with that. Writing about motherhood, the camaraderie that comes with it, the struggles, the losses, the unexplainable joy that comes with being a mom, is something I want to share. If you have kids or not, does not matter, because it is more about being a woman, a kind soul, a friend. To me it is all connected. I could not be where I am without the friends I have and have had, the strong women in my life, the kindness of others.

Please read my story here, on the Momoir Project. Leave a comment on the blog, if you can, it helps to grow everyone's  blog, and is so much appreciated!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and read!


  1. Oh hello I've just read your story and oh my - I had tears in my eyes.
    It is beautiful and heartfelt and captivating to read ;)

  2. Tannis,
    Your story is beautiful. Your writing is fantastic. So honest and engaging. Congratulations!!
    I couldn't seem to leave a comment on the Momoir blog so I thought I'd leave one here. I'm going to keep reading!!