Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Shift

My hands wrap around my favorite mug, and as I lift it to slurp a sip of my coffee, I feel a cool breeze on my face. The realization of the shift in weather hits me. The evenings have cooled, the mornings offer up a chill I have forgotten. Summer is coming to an end. I have enjoyed our long hot summer, but I am ready for the shift in season that nature inevitably gives us.

Our summer was abundant. Abundant in heat, like no other I can remember. Our summer was filled with travel, family time, laughs and times golden for making memories.

This summer was filled with so much swimming that I am sure my skin has aged a year from sheer dryness!

I am ready now for the cooler breeze, the lower steady temperatures and night time fires. I welcome the falling leaves, the changing colors, the anticipation of routines with the start of school.

I like summer, love it in fact, but I am a fall girl. I love the colors of the new fall fashions - the browns, burgundies, wines, and greens. I like to remember myself as a kid, getting a new pair of corduroy pants for back to school. the smell of my school supplies scattered in front of me, all labelled and ready to go into my new back back. Lets not forget the fresh new haircut, trimmed to perfection for the first day of school.

I love the feel of a brand new, or old and perfectly worn sweater and how it wraps around you when the breeze picks up, sending a chill up your back.  I love to wrap my sweater tightly around me, pull the sleeves down and feel instantly comforted, transported to a level of such comfort, you can't help but smile and lift your face just a little bit higher, letting your hair get caught in the wind, the sun reflected on your face, your spirit lifted.

Hello fall, welcome back......

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