Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Media Love Fest

I am not a technologically advanced person at all. In fact it makes me uncomfortable to be in an electronics store. I don't like all the gadgets, and the jargon the sales people speak, it confuses me. I think texting can be rude at times, just like talking on your phone while you're walking (and almost walk right into people!) However, I am a social media whore! I love all of the avenues you can go when it comes to blogging and Facebook. In fact if I cannot get to my e mail or Facebook for a few days, I am NOT a happy camper. Take my phone away and I could care less. I don't like talking on the phone.

Before Facebook, I remember it was My Space. All of my employees would be talking about My Space and I eventually had to tell them that I didn't know what the heck they were talking about. Much to their astonishment and my embarrassment, we found out together, that I was just a bit behind the social media times! In that professional position, I mastered our automated Labor Scheduling system all on my own. Also many of overtime hours later and some Saturday nights when I was alone and had nothing better to do - shame on me. In my previous career, I became a master of self taught, reservation system greatness. When I was bored, and had no clients, I would find the best routes, with the best rates for flights all over the world. Then I would delete it all at the end of my day. But I found things on that computer that my co workers had no idea existed, like recipes and soap opera updates! Don't ask....

Here I was though, not knowing the difference between a gigabyte and an external hard drive. Truthfully, I still don't. I have mastered the blank stare and shoulder shrug when people talk of such things! But I teach myself what I need to know. So the inception of my blogs is nearly considered a miracle. Somehow though, I figured it out, and every day, I learn something I did not know before.

I love Facebook. It has become a connection to people I once knew years ago, people who I only knew from someone else, people I just met. It is definitely a way of making friends, finding old friends, keeping friends and just plain keeping in touch in a busy world.

I love to "like" a status, comment on a photo, send a message, look at your pictures, poke you, and read your comments. I am an active Facebook friend. I do wonder sometimes why people friend request you, or accept requests then are NOT active participants. I do find that a bit creepy. Almost like you are being watched by afar but you don't know by whom. If it's not meant to be creepy, those people should just move along and delete their accounts. This is just my opinion, and I am just saying!

Like everything in life, there is a social media etiquette. We should always think before we type, and we should always be aware of the consequences of what we type, just like we are when we speak. At least we should  be anyways. What we say, as well as what we type, always has impact to at least one person! If you need a refresher, there are numerous web sites that can tell you what the recommended online etiquette is.

So are you a social media whore? What technology or media device couldn't you live without?

As always, thanks for reading, and go add another friend to Facebook or search someone out!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Im a lover of all things technology.

    Social media is one of my favorites.

    Blogging is fantastic to learn as you go and honestly if there is something you don't know how to do, then it's simply a matter of googling whatever it is you are looking for. Someone else probably wanted to know and asked it somewhere. Google will sniff it out for you.

    Embrace your inner nerd!

  2. @ The Nerdy Nurse thank you so much! I do use google for everything, it is crazy! Thanks for checking me out, and I love your blog :)

  3. Hi Tannis,

    I'm the same - completely hopeless!

    So bad that I first tried blogging on Wordpress and couldn't figure it out! I think that in my case, its probably due to a lack of patience. That said, I love blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn etc - and I take my Blackberry with me everywhere - but it's only because of the wifi capability - I rarely speak on the 'phone.

    Great site and I'll now be a regular visitor :)

  4. @ Keith Thanks Keith for stopping by, I am now a follower on your blog. I tried to leave a comment on a post you did a while ago but did not have any luck. I will try again! :)

  5. Truthfully, I am not a fan of social media with the exception of LinkedIN where I enjoy professional exchanges. This likely stems from being a very private person and also a lack of understanding of why people post pictures of their breakfast and other impertinet "news". I don't get it but do get a chuckle out of it.

  6. Tannis,
    First of all, your blog is darling! Secondly, I agree, I could care less about a cell phone...but my Mac is a whole 'nother issue. I love being connected to people from all over the world because I think each person that you come into contact with has something to teach you (good and bad) and I am open to the possibilities.

    There is a reason why when the internet first came along, there was talk of it becoming an information superhighway and that is exactly what it is. Lots of info out there just for the taking...there is an answer for everything out there and I love it!